March 5, 2017

Odds + ends

Science day. We strolled through IISc on its Open Day yesterday, attending poster-sessions, live-exhibits, and demonstrations — as part of its National Science Day + Founder’s Day celebrations. The place was swelling with young aspiring students, and everyone seemed interested in the research and the on-goings there. Along the way, I picked up the Special Centenary Year Issue of the Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, a collection of priceless papers, including those from Raman, and Bhabha. It weighs a ton, and I am very grateful to IISc for giving these away.

Flat. On our way back, we had a flat tire. The mechanic pulled a large nail out of our rear tubeless tire, inserted a sticky plug in the hole, and inflated the tire back. It was my first time witnessing this, and I realised how quick and painless this was, when compared to fixing a tire with tube inside.

Commute. With the office move to a remote location a month ago, my commute has gotten a lot worse. I now spend over two mindless hours a day just to go to work and back, adding up to 13 hours a week. Side effects include insufficent time to work, fatigue, inflexible routine, and road-hazard exposure, summarizing the travesty of this urban life.

Hot-desking. Adding minutes to those already wasted in commuting, we now play musical chairs called hot-desking. There’s, of course, just no music in finding a workspace, adjust desk + chair, and then get to managing keyboard-video-mouse hygiene every single day. After two weeks of scrubbing the shit off keyboards people leave behind, I decided to carry my own to work. In the process, I replaced my broken with G610, a mechanical keyboard, which my nerve-endings seem to like.