fish shell

After eleven years of zsh, I have switched to fish as my default shell. I dig its friendliness; this one just feels alive at the prompt. Everything is a function, and it seems elegant. The abbr feature of fish works for me like alias from traditional shells, except abbr auto-expands, which can be startling — I’m still getting used to.

Some caveats: (a) fish shell does not seem to play well for type-setting via LaTeX. I can get by fine on macOS, but not on Ubuntu via WSL; (b) same for running any shell commands from within Vim. If you use these two extensively, then fish may not yet be ready for you.

Below are a few lines from my as simple examples:

if status is-interactive
    # abbreviations
    abbr ds 'date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M" | pbcopy'
    abbr df 'df -h'
    abbr du 'du -h'
    abbr fl 'rg --files | fzf'
    abbr hk 'make --file=~/scripts/hkp/hkp.make'
    abbr mv 'mv -i'
    abbr rm 'rm -i'
    abbr sp 'make --file=~/Sites/sp.make'
    abbr week 'date +%V'

    # functions
    function subl
        /Applications/Sublime\ $argv

    function smerge
        /Applications/Sublime\ $argv

    function spm
        if test -z "$argv[1]"
            echo "Please provide a search term."
            return 1

        set result (grep -A 3 "$argv[1]" /Volumes/spm/
        if test -z "$result"
            echo "No matching results found."
            return 1

        grep -A 3 "$argv[1]" /Volumes/spm/

The script below automates the transition from zsh to fish in macOS.

#!/usr/bin/env zsh
# 2023 ckunte

# install fish shell (check for brew; install if not)

if test ! $(which brew); then
  echo "Installing Homebrew..."
  /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  echo "Installing fish shell..."
  brew install fish

# add fish shell to /etc/shells

echo -n "Adding fish shell path to /etc/shells..."
sudo sh -c 'echo $(which fish) >> /etc/shells'
echo "done."

# restart terminal

echo -n "Restart terminal..."
exec zsh
echo "done."

# make fish shell default

echo -n "Making fish shell default..."
chsh -s 'echo $(which fish)'
echo "done."

# restart terminal

exec fish

# add brew binaries in fish path
# ref:

fish_add_path /opt/homebrew/bin

# collect command completions for all commands