New feed

I have been meaning to remove all XML artefacts off this site for a while. XML is not for reading (by people), whereas JSON is — although this one does not like html, and needs a filter like tojson() to escape html characters, i.e. you can’t win. This weekend, dusting-off a template from years ago, with a few minor edits I began producing JSON feed for this site.

The plan is to make JSON my only feed for this site in a few months. Reeder and NetNewsWire both support it, as I am sure many others do too. In any case, this is a very low volume site, and the feed only provides a summary — importantly in plain text, and hence no escaping characters necessary, and since code and math do not render well in feed.

If you do get notified of new notes on this site via the feed though, then consider re-subscribing using the link: .