About this site, etc.


I am Chetan Kunté. This site contains a collection of my thoughts and workflows. These I write for myself, occasionally for my family + friends.

RSS Feed and Feedback

RSS feed is available. (New to RSS? Here’s a howto.) Feedback1 is welcome at log+2017@ckunte.net.

Disclaimer, Terms of use

I do not speak for my employer. Be warned that anything presented herein on this site is without warranty and whose quality or correctness are not to be assumed. If you use any of this in any way, then you do so at your own risk.


This site is produced using a python script, with updates pushed to a serving repository via git. It respects web standards and produces valid HTML, CSS, and RSS markups. It's phone friendly too.

  1. I'm not on social media, so any name/handle match must be a namesake.