While recuperating from an injury, I scoured the internet for information on TLPs at the behest of a colleague — anything to distract myself from the pain. By Friday, I was able to assemble a list. Here’s a summary.1

TLP: Displacement v. Topside weight TLP: Water depth v. Topside weight

It is interesting to note that the largest TLPs, viz., Snorre A and Heidrun are both owned by Statoil. In terms of weights and displacements, these two are literally off the chart when compared with the rest — an incredible feat.

Here is the plot code:

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
""" -- 2018 ckunte
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

tlpdata = np.loadtxt('tlp.csv', dtype='int,int,int', \
    delimiter=',', usecols=(2, 3, 4), unpack=True, skiprows=1)

def topside_disp(topside, disp):
    plt.scatter(topside, disp, c='blue', alpha=0.45)
    plt.ylabel('Displacement (t)')

def topside_depth(topside, depth):
    plt.scatter(topside, depth, c='red', alpha=0.45)
    plt.ylabel('Water depth (m)')

def plotoptions():
    plt.xlabel('Topside weght (t)')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print "Options:"
    print " 0: Exit"
    print " 1: Plot topside v. displacement"
    print " 2: Plot topside v. water depth"
    ptype = input("Select option: ")
    if ptype == 1:
        topside_disp(tlpdata[1], tlpdata[0])
    elif ptype == 2:
        topside_depth(tlpdata[1], tlpdata[2])
        print "No plot options were chosen."

  1. There may be a few more than listed; I just don’t have enough info. without going through paid subscriptions like WoodMac.