New CLI tools

I am on a long haul to learn Rust, inspired by bmc’s raves and talks. This is in part an effort to pull myself at least on weekends from a project I’m working obsessively on since 2016. This will probably never replace my ability with python in the near future of course, but Rust through its elegant philosophy and thoughtful design is very attractive, and I long to become proficient over time — like with python, which I took ten years to develop fluency.

As a result of this indulgence, I’ve been discovering new tools, written by passionate Rust programmers, with dramatic improvements in utility and speed. The only exception in the list below is detox, which is written in C.

  1. bat: A cat(1) clone with wings
  2. detox: A utility designed to clean up filenames
  3. exa: A modern version of ls
  4. fd: A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find
  5. fzf: A command-line fuzzy finder
  6. ripgrep: A fast alternative to grep

The combination of ripgrep (rg) with fzf in live-searching (via) through my files cannot beat anything Mac or Windows. Happy days!

rg --files | fzf