LaTeX snippets for Vim

For all last week, I hooked-up my Raspberry Pi 3B+ to an external display and did everything I typically do. (Occasionally I set aside my traditional set-up in favour of a humbler one.) It was a good distraction. The starkness of a simpler system without privileged software was immediately obvious, so much that in the first few hours I almost gave up. The feature-rich Vim works well for only those that can map and muscle-train to fire the right shortcuts and keys.

I was inspired by Gilles Castel taking notes. It was fun to try, fail, try-again, and half-replicate what he does. The result is a collection of LaTeX snippets for Vim created for my own use.1 Using a Vim version with +python3 enabled, this collection of snippets can easily be used like a plug-in; see the repo on how-to. With this, I can almost be as productive in Vim as I am in Sublime Text in writing technical reports. Here’s a demo of snippets in action.

LaTeX snippets for Vim in action.

If the video feels slow, then it is because I type slowly. The modal editing is not yet hard-wired in me to be able to earn a belt, but I am getting better. One day with practice. None of this was possible without Holger Rapp’s UltiSnips and Junegunn Choi’s vim-plug. I am grateful to the three Vim masters.

  1. Feel free to fork, use, send pull requests.