Chetan Kunte is an offshore structures engineer, and this little website is his sandbox. Here he loves to code, experiment, and write.1 Currently, he lives in Perth.

This domain exists mainly to be a pointer to an MX record. The author put the idling A record to use, mostly as an afterthought, which turned-on the lights here. Built with Chisel, this site respects web standards, produces valid HTML, CSS, RSS markups, and is phone-friendly. Handy keyboard shortcuts are available as below. On MacOS: Ctrl + Opt + Key. On Linux and Windows: Alt + Key:

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Code. All the code shared on this site is pre-tested (without exceptions) to ensure it works as intended. The author has made a half-hearted attempt to re-write legacy code to work with python version 3. It is relatively easy to spot legacy python code — e.g. those with print "" statements in place of print(""). These should still work with last of python version 2.

Credits. To Armin Ronacher for Jinja; David Zhou for Chisel; Guido van Rossum for python; Ivan Sagalaev and team for hl.js; Jon Skinner + crew for Sublime Text and Sublime Merge; Linus Torvalds and Junio Hamano for git; GitHub for hosting; Emily Eisenberg and Sophie Alpert for KaTeX; Yuri Takhteyev and Waylan Limberg for markdown in python.

Privacy. This site does not track visitors. There are no forms seeking visitor inputs, and there are no advertisements, no cookies, and no trackers served from this website.

Disclaimer, Terms of use. The author does not speak for his employer. Be warned that anything presented herein on this site is without warranty, and whose quality or correctness are not to be assumed. If you use any of this in any way, then you do so at your own risk.

Feedback at log+2020@ckunte.net is welcome.

  1. The author is not on social media; any match there must be a namesake.