Making a difference

Within our means, my family and I routinely heed calls to sponsor and lend support to causes concerning humanitarian, educational, medical, disaster relief, and open-source initiatives. We hope this list motivates you to do the same or better.

Cancer Council NWS ⋅ 2021
Sponsoring Cancer research via Rock the Chop — Gabby & Julia. ⋅ 2021
Sponsoring this wonderfully polished open-source operating system.
Homebrew ⋅ 2020,21
Sponsoring the missing package manager for MacOS (or Linux).
Khan Academy ⋅ 2020,21
Sponsoring to support the unprecedented demand during COVID-19.
Krzysztof Kowalczyk ⋅ 2021
Sponsoring the work on the amazing open source SumatraPDF reader.
NeoVim ⋅ 2021
Sponsoring the production of the awesome open source text editor.
Pi-hole ⋅ 2020,21
Sponsoring the production of pi-hole that helps protect privacy on-line.
TUG ⋅ 2020,21
Sponsoring the maintenance and production of MacTeX.
Australian Red Cross ⋅ 2020
Towards the 2019-20 Australian bush fires relief fund.
Movember Foundation ⋅ 2019
Sponsoring to support men's mental health in Australia.
SOS Children's Villages India ⋅ 2015,17
Sponsoring care and education of a rural child.
Narayana Hrudayalaya ⋅ 2016
Sponsoring free medical treatment of the under-privileged.
David Zhou ⋅ 2013
Sponsoring Chisel, his creation for static site generation.
GPG Tools ⋅ 2013
Sponsoring to protect privacy with strong easy-to-use encryption tools.
MathJax ⋅ 2013
Sponsoring to have beautiful and accessible math in all browsers.
Donncha O Caoimh ⋅ 2009
Sponsoring his amazing WP Super Cache plug-in for WordPress.
Cyberduck ⋅ 2008
Sponsoring the production of SFTP freeware.
Education for Change ⋅ 2008
Sponsoring a unique girl-school in India.
PPES ⋅ 2008
Sponsoring menstrual health initiatives of under-privileged children.
Ubuntu ⋅ 2008
Sponsoring the free and open source operating system.
GNOME Foundation ⋅ 2008
Sponsoring to improve open source computing efforts.
American Red Cross ⋅ 2005
Towards the 2005 Kashmir earthquake relief fund.
International Red Cross ⋅ 2005
Towards the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami relief fund.
WordPress ⋅ 2005
Sponsoring the maintenance of the open source publishing system.
CRY ⋅ 2002,4,6,7,10
Sponsoring education of a rural girl child in India.