USFOS syntax in ST3

In 2007, to avoid the monotony of looking at a wall of text and numbers within long FEM input files, I created a couple of plug-ins for TextPad, my primary text editor of choice back then. These included a syntax file and a clip library. However in 2012, I switched to using Sublime Text as my primary text editor, since it works across all three major platforms (MacOS, Linux, Windows), but more importantly, because it is also available as a portable version for Windows. While I did create a similar one for Sublime Text 2 post the switch, its syntax was a messy plist file.

With version 3, Sublime Text has simplified its syntax. So this weekend, I took the opportunity to fix my handicap. The outcome is this public repository usfos_st — released as always under a liberal license. Here is a view of USFOS control file syntax-highlighted in Sublime Text 3.

USFOS control file syntax highlighted in Sublime Text 3

Recommended method of installation

With this package now available from Package Control,1 usfos_st can be installed from directly within Sublime Text 3. Here is how:

  1. From Tools, select Install Package Control… (Skip if already installed.)
  2. From Preferences > Package Control > Install Package, search for usfos and select.

Manual installation

Alternatively, if you have no access to internet or prefer a manual install then, download and place usfos.sublime-syntax file under Packages > User folder, which is accessible from Preferences > Browse Packages… menu.

  1. Available from Package Control as of August 22, 2020.