Chetan Kunte

42 Managing text editor plug-ins ⋅ 4 min
Install, update, uninstall and clean-up from Sublime Text and Vim.
41 LaTeX snippets for Vim ⋅ 2 min
Writing what matters by delegating verbose syntax to snippets.
40 Jacket flooding ⋅ 6 min
Assessing the time it takes to flood jacket compartments.
39 Release notes ⋅ 5 min
The mechanics of running this website, and what makes it go.
38 Storm safety ⋅ 2 min
The probability of facing a design wave for jacket on-bottom.
37 TSA for pile welds? ⋅ 8 min
Surface coating for a fracture mechanics problem? No.
36 Wave length ⋅ 3 min
Finding water depth type and corresponding wave length.
35 Shell buckling ⋅ 3 min
Effect of ring frame spacing on buckling strength of a flotation tank.
34 SACS syntax in ST3 ⋅ 3 min
Syntax highlighting SACS input files in Sublime Text.
33 Dropped pipe ⋅ 4 min
Finding the impact energy of a falling body through seawater.