Chetan is an offshore structures engineer, and this little website is his sandbox. Here he loves to code, experiment, and write.

51 Wave length ⋅ 2 min
Finding water depth type and corresponding wave length.
50 Shell buckling ⋅ 3 min
Effect of ring frame spacing on buckling strength of a flotation tank.
49 SACS syntax in ST3 ⋅ 2 min
Syntax highlighting SACS input files in Sublime Text.
48 Dropped pipe ⋅ 4 min
Finding the impact energy of a falling body through seawater.
47 Unconditional ⋅ 11 min
For insights, front-load an entire array instead of specific data.
46 Building a model ⋅ 6 min
Plan ahead. Find ways (and features) to copy, mirror, and repeat.
45 Type-setting from within ST3 ⋅ 2 min
Creating a build system in Sublime Text 3 for LaTeX.
44 Self-documenting scripts ⋅ 4 min
Great for usability and reuse but also for maintenance.
43 USFOS syntax in ST3 ⋅ 2 min
Break the monotony of input files with highlighting.
42 AirPrint ⋅ 3 min
Turn Brother HL-L2321D into an AirPrint enabled network printer.