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Daily Log 😷 (Feed) Mar 29 00:06

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2015 Barge motion responses in the South China Sea
The uniqueness of responses in the South China Sea and its severity over the North Sea is explored.

Notes (FEED)  

20 Daily log ⋅ 1 min
This is a log for the uncertain times ahead.
19 Feeds ⋅ 2 min
Web syndication feeds and templates in Jinja.
18 VIV ⋅ 4 min
Plotting vortex shedding for a range of pipe sizes.
17 Reliability ⋅ 13 min
Trailblazing work done by Shell in the nineties.
16 End releases ⋅ 6 min
Scripting my way out of a model conversion problem.
15 Wind ⋅ 5 min
A better way to visualise ISO wind profiles.
14 Berthing fenders ⋅ 3 min
Fender selection and design is indeed a dark art.
13 Offshore crane ⋅ 8 min
Standard selection for the Northwest Shelf.
12 Libraries ⋅ 8 min
Ode to python's pioneering 'batteries included' philosophy.
11 Chain stiffness ⋅ 3 min
Its influence and the urgent need for updates.
10 Lighthouse tech ⋅ 5 min
Invention that is worthy of a Nobel prize.
9 Fram and Vasa ⋅ 5 min
The story of two legendary Nordic ships.
8 S-N curves ⋅ 4 min
Plotting S-N curves since ISO 19902 fails to include them.
7 Tow ⋅ 9 min
Severity of barge motions in the South China Sea.
6 The Great Wall ⋅ 2 min
The hopelessness of such a hard task.
5 Colosseum ⋅ 3 min
Sophisticated design that has withstood the test of time.
4 Agora ⋅ 5 min
The book that opened my mind to the ancient scientific world.
3 Interpolation ⋅ 4 min
Not resorting to using a sledge hammer.
2 Normandy ⋅ 2 min
A salute to the US Corps of Engineers.
1 Tide ⋅ 3 min
My visit to a platform-cluster offshore East Kalimantan.

Code (FEED) RepositoriesGists

2019 hkp
A collection of housekeeping scripts to manage files, folders, permissions, combine/compress pdf files, etc.
2018 templateswiki
A collection of LaTeX templates for notes, letters, forms and custom Sublime Text editor snippets.
2017 pyplots
A collection of calculations and plots for a wide range of topics, viz., fenders, mooring, structural reliability, tow, etc.

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